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From caterpillar to Butterfly

HE is the Director, the Writer, The Script-Writer.. ..GOD Changes a trouble story and gives it a new beginning.

Many people have had a beginning with misfortune and great affliction. You could identify and even agree with some of these assertions like: my life is without happiness, unfortunate situations etc.

An unfortunate beginning could be an abandoned child by his mother or rejected by his father or worse still left in an orphanage. An unhappy start to a marriage could also being married to a spouse who is an drug addict or an alcoholic.

It can also be an unwanted pregnancy, being raped, a bad business, a life of prostitution, abuse , divorce, delinquency etc.

But the Good News is that there is a wonderful writer, scriptwriter and director; a specialist in changing a troubled history. His Name is Jesus! He wants to change your story and make it His story to give you a joyous end.

Because God takes bad stories and gives them good endings ... let's look at some real life cases.

Let`s see the life of Gideon.

Who was Gideon?

Gideon was a son of a very poor family and underestimated in society and to top it all he was the youngest of that family. Also he was fearful, cowardly, dedicated to the chores of the house and lived with a self-esteem low (Judges Chapter 6).

A story with a sad beginning, but the Great Searcher finds him and greets him as such: mighty man of valor, the Lord is with you! Was this the greeting that Gideon deserved? No!

But the greeting was given by Jesus Christ (the Angel of Jehovah). He is a specialist in calling things that are not as if they were. God does not look at what you are today but what you will be tomorrow. He sees what he has already done with you in his divine plan.

And this wonderful God not only calls him that, but he entrusts him with a great Mission.

Then the Lord looked at him and said, "Go with the strength that you have and rescue Israel from the Midianites"

Did Gideon have strength? No! But God was giving it to him and Gideon was a great,victorious warrior who freed his people.

I know you could see a sad story that ended with happiness and maybe saying thanks to the agility of the character.

No! The story had a happy ending, thanks to the writer of that story, God, who invests his power, mercy and grace in those who according to society are worthless and have had an unfortunate beginning.

God does not look at your past, does not look on your present, does not look at your weaknesses nor does he looks on your circumstances. He is Omnipotent and Sovereign and uses that power and sovereignty to change the history of those who decide to believe in Him and trust in Him life to make a transformation.

Gideon, did nothing, he only believed and trusted God and then only saw what the script writer did with his life and his end was happy.


I want to encourage with another biblical story about Mephibosheth which means “from the mouth of shame”.

When did he start to being one that causes embarrassment?

At the age of five his parents and relatives were killed and he was left alone and if fate was following him, the baby sitter dropped him and he was left disabled. Is this not a sad story?

Like the beginnings of so many of us in our real lives, like a child who is orphaned, because parents died in an aviation accident, or because parent were killed by guerrillas , or a widowed woman caring for five children, or as a woman who because of her husband's infidelity, became infected with HIV and to top it off the baby in her womb is already infected.

Terrible beginnings, but in the hands of the Reviver, Restorer, your life will never be the same ...

Do you want to know the outcome of the story of Mephibosheth?

Mephibosheth lived in a desert place called Lo Debar, from the house of Makir, a man who had him in slavery.

Perhaps, you feel that you live in Lo Debar and in slavery ... but ... here is the Good News that was for Mephibosheth, which is also Good News for you.

One day the King woke up, seeking someone to whom he could show mercy, and sent for Mephibosheth, to have mercy upon him, to tell him that he would receive him in his house as one of his sons, as one of the princes, who would eat the banquets of the king, who would no longer live in Lo Debar but would live in the King’s Palace. Though he was crippled he became a prince, owner of riches and had many servants at his service.

This king who changed the story of Mephibosheth wants to change yours too.

GOD is looking for crippled people, invalid, paralytic, discarded, walking in the desert and under slavery because HE IS THE KING who wants to make you a prince, a princess, a son of the King, wants to give you his riches and blessings and He wants you to use your talents and gifts.

GOD is a searcher for worms and caterpillars because he can turn them into beautiful BUTTERFLIES.

If you want to stop being a caterpillar, a simple worm, put yourself in the hands of a specialist in making butterflies.


Come to the writer of Beautiful Stories. God wants to change your story from today.

He has seen your gifts and talents and wants to alight them in you, he takes advantage of your weaknesses and turns them into strengths.

He takes advantage of your circumstances and turns them into opportunities.

He takes your unhappy start and makes it a happy ending.

To conclude an example of the present: The speaker and writer Joyce Meyer, was born and raised in a dysfunctional home, a mother with mental problems and a father who abused her.

With this panorama, Joyce had an unhappy childhood, adolescence and youth , there was no hope for her but one day, God, who had always seen her and seen the butterfly in her found her and had mercy on her and turned her into a beautiful butterfly that for many decades, is giving lectures that bless, motivate and transform multitude of lives, a beautiful butterfly that has written dozens of books that have been Best-seller, a butterfly that is doing goodwill work for the poor and destitute in many nations.

All this because GOD did not see the worm, GOD saw the butterfly in her.

GOD does not see in you your deficiency and weakness, GOD does not see you as a caterpillar. He sees you as a beautiful butterfly, you just have to believe in him, put yourself in his hands and let him write the end of your story, because I assure you that with God you will have a happy ending.

To reconfirm what I have said, I invite you to give yourself a few more minutes and watch this video, " The Butterfly Circus"

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