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are you already on the List?

Since we were children we liked that our names were written on the guest lists of a friend's party.

As young people we liked that our names were written in the most popular list.
On a club's list.
In the contact list of your Head / Leader.
And how about today be on the list of contacts of the president of the country.

But TODAY, my question does not refer to any of those lists, because if your name or my name are not written in the aforementioned lists, the consequences will not be so serious.

But my invitation is to search and make our names written in a wonderful book. In a book? YES.
In one that is called the Book of Life.

What club is that Book?

What group of friends?
That book belongs to the club of those who accept Jesus as the son of GOD, as their Savior and Redeemer.

To the group of the friends of GOD, of the Sons of GOD.

Who writes to you in that Book?
The same Lord Jesus writes to you.

You only have to say: Lord Jesus, I accept you as the only one who can Forgive me and save me, I want you to be my Lord and to write my name in the book of life.

As you can see, the process is easy, it's just asking for it and it's done. You do not have to make long lines, you do not have to present documents, you do not have to make consignments. It is only believing in Jesus, accepting him in your Heart and asking him to write your name in that book.

On a very important day for the disciples of Jesus, they were happy because they had gotten the demons to obey them and to do other kinds of miracles, but he said to them: "Do not be so glad about that, BUT rejoice that your names are written in the Book of Life that is in heaven" Luke 10:20 "

Do you have that joy? Is your name written in Heaven?

Did you know that one day some books will be opened in the heaven? If you do not know, I want to tell you and if you already knew it, then I want to remind you:

Revelation 20: 12-15

"And I saw that all those who had died, both the humble and the powerful, were standing before the throne. And the books were opened where everything that each one wrote is written. The Book of Life was also opened. The dead were judged according to what they had done and what the books said. He whose name was not written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire"

That our names are not written in the list of contacts of our President, will not wreak havoc.

But that your name is not written in the Book of Life, that is worrying, because you will be thrown into a place of torment, but if you do not want that, I invite you to inscribe your name TODAY in that wonderful book, just tell Jesus that you want to be on his Heavenly Contacts list and He will.

May your name be important TODAY, because it will begin to appear in the best list that exists in all creation, the List of the Friends of GOD, the Book of Life of the Lamb that takes away the sin of the World, JESUS.

And rejoice because your name today is written in the Book of Eternal Life. That will mean that you are Important in Heaven and also on Earth, that your name has been made of Renown because you will belong to JESUS and have it certain that this will be reflected in many benefits here in everyday life..

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