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All Honor and Glory to God

It is a phrase used daily ..All honor and Glory to God! 

But is this the reality ?

Indeed am I seeking God's glory alone or also a bit for myself?

Pride is subtle and manifests in so many ways that sometimes we do not perceive it but God who searches the hearts and intentions, He sees WHAT, HOW and WHEN we are being proud. For that reason I (and you if you want it) should give permission or invite the Holy Spirit to show me any way I'm still proud.

When we seek our own glory it is called "VAIN" GLORY. Vain: worthless.

Seeking to be applauded, recognition, when we do something, or praise when we serve.This is all part of seeking glory and being honest is also very easy to find vain glory ... then if we say to God be the Glory let that indeed be glory to Him.
Giving all the praise we are given only to God.
Attributing any gratitude given to us only to God.
At the end of the day everything IS and FOR Him and absolutely everything OWED TO HIM.
Ephesians says we were created for the praise of HIS glory.
I was created to the praise of His glory (Gods) not for me to self glory !!

Let a stranger praise you and not your own mouth, but even when they praise you, give the glory to God because it is for Him. At the end of the day, He is the One who gives us life, health, gifts, wisdom and whose kindness makes us fit for something.

I say sincerely, revealing that GOD BE THE GLORY AND THE HONOR! it would be good to meditate on this.

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